About Us

About Us

We are based in Singapore.

Having our roots in 4WD and niche equipment since 2006, we have since moved towards Overlanding Outfitting and Supply of overland, SHTF and outdoor equipment.

There are many 4WD and 4X4 suppliers in the region but none are focused on Overlanding and vehicle travel in general. We have expanded and remains the only Overland Outfitter in the whole region.

We supply our equipment to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, as far as Japan, Hong Kong and China and Europe and USA.

We are the regional sole distributors for most major brands of Overland Equipment, from South Africa and Australia. We represent in Asia, brands like Engel, Front Runner, Hannibal, AluCab, Gobi-X, Howling Moon, and are distributors for brands like WARN, ARB.

Give us a tinker, and we can advice you on the best vehicle, storage, fuel, water, heating and other setups for all your overland purposes.

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