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Front Runner 4 Cub Box Drawer And Fridge Slide Combo
This is a universal unit which is ideally suited for fitment into station wagon vehicles, as it allo..
Ex Tax: S$4,699.00
Front Runner 4 Cub Box Drawer Wide
This 4 Cub Box Drawer / Wide kit provides a comprehensive and practical storage solution for 4x4s, S..
Ex Tax: S$2,199.00
Front Runner 4 Cub Box Drawer Wide - USED
This 4 Cub Box Drawer / Wide kit provides a comprehensive and practical storage solution for 4x4s, S..
Ex Tax: S$1,650.00
Front Runner 4 Wolf Pack Pro Storage System Kit / Asymmetric
This smart, asymmetrical storage solution enables your vehicle to house the four included Wolf Pack ..
Ex Tax: S$1,949.00
Front Runner 4"/100mm LED Flood Light With Bracket
LED flood light for illumination around vehicle and campsite. Comes standard with Front Runner&..
Ex Tax: S$369.00
Front Runner 40" LED Light Bar VX1000-CB SM / 12V / 24V W Off Road Performance Shield
Extend your adventures into the night with a high-quality light bar. This 40” LED Light Bar features..
Ex Tax: S$469.00
Front Runner 40" LED Slim Light Bar VX1000-CB / 12V/24V Single Mount
Keep the adventure going long after the sun sets with this 40" LED Slim Light Bar VX1000-CB / 12V/24..
Ex Tax: S$1,099.00
Front Runner 40"/1016mm LED Flood/Spot Combo W/ Off-Road Performance Shield
Front Runner’s 40" LED Light Bar with spot and flood multi beam technology comes complete with brack..
Ex Tax: S$1,999.00
Front Runner 40"/1016MM Led Flood/Spot Combo w/Off-road Performance Shield
40 Inch Dual Row LED Light Bar features approximately 19,200 lumens. Combination of 8 degree na..
Ex Tax: S$1,899.00
Front Runner 45L Water Tank Optional Mounting Brackets
Use this bracket system to mount a Front Runner 42L Water Tank anywhere on an original Slimline Roof..
Ex Tax: S$109.00
Front Runner 6 Cub Pack Drawer / Wide Incl. Boxes
This Cub Pack based lockable drawer system provides a comprehensive and practical vehicle based stor..
Ex Tax: S$4,799.00
Front Runner 6 Wolf Pro Pack Drawer / Wide Incl. Boxes
Neatly organize and easily access all your gear with this innovative drawer-slide system. This kit w..
Ex Tax: S$5,499.00
Front Runner Adjustable Rack Cargo Chocks Bracket
These chocks wedge against and secure the corners or sides of your gear to prevent movement and r..
Ex Tax: S$189.00
Front Runner Aluminium Telescopic Ladder
A telescopic ladder that effortlessly expands into a 2.6m, nine step ladder to reach the top your ve..
Ex Tax: S$417.90
Front Runner Ammo Box Replacement High Lid HDPE Wolf Box
Made of high strength plastic. The base nests neatly into another Wolf Pack’s lid when stacked...
Ex Tax: S$29.00
Front Runner Ammo Box Standard Lid Wolf Box
These plastic, workable sized storage boxes are easy to arrange in a cargo bed and vertical-sided to..
Ex Tax: S$89.90
Front Runner Anderson Plug 175 Amp Grey
This heavy-current connector is suitable for 175 amps of continuous DC current and can accommodate c..
Ex Tax: S$49.00
Front Runner Anderson Plug 50 Amp Red
​This is a high-current coupler useful for joining battery cables. The contacts have superior surfac..
Ex Tax: S$29.00
Front Runner Anderson Plug Plate
A plate that mounts an anderson plug to the exterior rear section of your vehicle.​ A..
Ex Tax: S$35.00
Front Runner Antenna Mount
Mount your antenna/aerial to your Slimline II rack with this clever spring-loaded, off-road tough ho..
Ex Tax: S$117.90
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